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Development in Hong Kong: Non-Agricultural Market Access, IPRs and Services

8 February 2006
United Kingdom

The ongoing world trade negotiations are expected to have significant impact on sustainable development and the production and consumption patterns world-wide.  After the Meeting of Trade Ministers in Hong Kong at the end of 2005, Chatham House convened a conference on 6-7 February 2006 to look at the WTO as well as the Sustainable Development Agenda and its prospects after Hong Kong.  R. Andreas Kraemer of Ecologic chaired a key session on NAMA, IPRs, and Services.Read more

13 Years after Rio - How far are we in achieving ecological generational justice in Europe

24 June 2005

In environmental matters, modern society is living at the cost to future generations. This was the main issue discussed at the Young Leaders Congress 2005 „Ecological Generational Justice into the Constitution”, which brought together more than 50 participants from all over Europe and beyond. At the event, Ecologic Fellow Markus Knigge chaired a panel discussion with Karsten Sach, Head of the Division for International Affairs in the German Ministry for the Environment, and Manfred Bergman, Head of the Unit for Evaluation of Transport, Environment and Energy in the European Commission, on where we are in achieving ecological generational justice in Europe.

Read more

German Conference on Sustainability in the Context of BRICS+G

9 June 2005

The German Council for Sustainable Development (RNE), together with GTZ, convened a German National Conference on Sustainability in the Context of BRICS+G.  R. Andreas Kraemer moderated the event on 9 June 2005.  The national conference was held in preparation of an international conference including Brazil, Russia, India, and China in Berlin on 4 and 5 September 2005.Read more

Arctic Early Warning - The Impact of Climate Change on the Indigenous Peoples of the Arctic

18 May 2005
The Impact of Climate Change on the Indigenous Peoples of the Arctic was the theme of a an Expert Roundtable with Representatives of Circumpolar Indigenous Peoples moderated by R. Andreas Kraemer in the context of opening the new Canadian Embassy in Berlin. It was convened jointly by the Embassy of Canada in Berlin, in partnership with the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ecologic, and the Indigenous Peoples’ Secretariat of the Arctic Council on 18 May 2005.Read more

Ethics, Transparency and Accountability

18 March 2003

Dr. Grit Martinez, Fellow at Ecologic Institute and Advisor to the Water Integrity Network, moderated the seminar Beyond Water Bribes: How to build a Corruption-Resistant Water Sector? at the 5th World Water Forum in Istanbul on 18 March 2009. Ecologic Institute had already co-convened an awareness-raising event showcasing the new Water Integrity Network (WIN) at the 4th World Water Forum in Mexico.Read more


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