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Strategie für die Zukunft der Siedlungsabfallentsorgung

Ziel 2020
The treatment and disposal of solid municipal waste can be technically achieved by methods other than above-ground landfilling ("Goal 2020" of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment). These methods will not trigger socially unacceptable costs. There is a big variety of ways to achieve the goal 2020. This publication is a contribution to the conference "Abfallkolloquium 2005" organised by SIDAF in Freiberg on 6-7 October 2005. The publication summarises the results of an Ecologic project entitled "Future strategy of municipal waste management – Goal 2020".Read more

Implementing the Economic Aspects of the WFD - Future Challenges in the Elbe River Basin

Results of the Workshop
The international workshop "Implementing the Economic Aspects of the WFD – Future Challenges in the Elbe River Basin" , held in Leipzig on 7-8 July 2005, saw a gathering of 60 WFD experts from all over Europe. The results of this workshop have been summarised by Britta Pielen, Benjamin Görlach and Robert Holländer.

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Proceedings of the International Conference on Trade, Environment and Development: The North-South Dimensions

Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), Amsterdam, 1-2 November 2004
"Trade, Environment and Development: The North-South Dimensions" was the topic of the second international conference of the Concerted Action on Trade and Environment (CAT&E). The event was held at the Trippenhuis of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) in Amsterdam on 1-2 November 2004. The conference report, including the programme, summaries of the sessions and a list of participants, is now available for download.Read more

Qualität hat ihren Preis! – Aber welchen?

Zukunft der Wasserversorgung und Abwasserbeseitigung
Wenke Hansen and Nadine Herbke's article "Quality has its price! But which? - Future of the Water Supply and Wastewater Sector" is published in the documentation of the convention "Füllhorn oder Büchse der Pandora? - GATS, the European Internal Market and the liberalisation of public services in Germany". The article addresses the evolution of prices and charges in the European water and sanitation sector, and the debate over the liberalisation of the German water sector.

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Kommunales Flächenressourcenmanagement

Visionen für Politik und Forschung
The Workshop Summary provides an overview of the very complex issue presented from different perspectives at the Workshop on "Land Use Planning and Management at the Local Level". The emphasis of the summary is on the results of the working groups, which analysed current challenges regarding land use management, elaborated recommendations and identified research needs. The workshop summary is available for download.Read more

EU: CAP and Enlargement – an Opportunity for Nature and Environment?

On 19-21 February, 2003 the international conference entitled "EU: CAP and Enlargement - An Opportunity for Environment and Nature?" took place in Potsdam, Germany. The primary goal of the conference was to analyse and discuss the complex interactions between EU enlargement, the Common Agricultural Policy and the related impacts on nature and environment. In October 2003 conference proceedings have been published in the series BfN-Skripten of the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation.

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Global Review of Economic Instruments for Water Management in Latin America

Regional Policy Dialogue
Kraemer, R. Andreas; Britta Pielen; Anna Leipprand 2003: Global Review of Economic Instruments for Water Management in Latin America. Regional Policy Dialogue. Environment Network. II Meeting: The Application of Economic Instruments in Water and Solid Waste Management. Washington D.C. 11-12 February 2003.Read more


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