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Marine Litter in the Baltic Sea: Challenges and Opportunities – Introduction

Marine Litter in the Baltic Sea: Challenges and Opportunities – Introduction

Plastics are a key component of marine litter, and most are used for packaging. Thus, EU legislation in this area is important, and improving its implementation has a major potential to reduce the marine litter problem.

At the workshop "Marine litter in the Baltic Sea: challenges and opportunities" on 14. November 2013, Susanne Altvater gave an introductory presentation on marine litter in the Baltic Sea and introduced the project CleanSea. The presentation slides are available for download.

The workshop was organized as part of the CleanSea project. CleanSea is a European multidisciplinary research project, which aims to assist Member States and other stakeholders with an improved knowledge base, as well as methods and tools to reduce the marine debris. The project will run until mid-2015.

Susanne Altvater gave an overview of the components of marine litter, its origin and its impacts as well as the global plastic industry. Additionally, she presented the CleanSea project.

The presentation [pdf, 2.2 MB, German] is available for download.

Dr. Matthias Mossbauer EUCC - Die Küstenunion Deutschland
Dr. Ingo Sartorius PlasticsEurope Germany
14 November 2013
Berlin, Germany
Marine litter, CleanSea, Member States, stakeholders, knowledge base, marine debris, plastic industry, multidisciplinary research, Baltic Sea, Europe