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For the Oceans, Free and Clean

For the Oceans, Free and Clean

4 November 2013
Diversity of marine life in danger

Human-caused marine pollution presents an increasing threat to biological diversity. This kick-off event of the event series entitled "Biodiversity - local/global" depicts the dangers. In his presentation R. Andreas Kraemer, Founding Director and CEO of Ecologic Institute, describes the extent of the global marine pollution and it's effects on the diversity of marine life. The video references are available online.

Ein Meer aus Plastik - Video zur Sendung W wie Wissen

Length: 6:04 min
Language: German

First Flush – Plastic SEAS Documentary Series

Length: 5:23 min
Language: English

The Majestic Plastic Bag - A Mockumentary

Length: 4:00 min
Language: English

Mega Mülldeponien kreisen in den Meeren - E.U. lehnt ein Gesetz dagegen ab

Length: 1:34 min
Language: German

Trailer – Midway: Message from the Gyre

Length: 3:54 min
Language: English

NOAA Ocean Today video: 'Our Debris Filling the Sea'

Length: 2:36 min
Language: Englisch

Plastic Seduction

Length: 0:50 min
Language: English

This Is What Would Happen If The Ocean Could Hire An Ad Agency

Length: 0:50 min
Language: English


4 November 2013
Berlin, Germany
biodiversity, local, global, ecosystems, species, human well-being, marine debris, marine litter, marine pollution