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European Semester: Support on Climate Related Data and Information


The 2020 climate and energy target framework is the basis of current European climate policy and forms a key pillar in Europe's 2020 growth strategy. Ecologic Institute continues to support DG Climate Action (European Commission) in the European Semester process by analyzing the climate and energy policies of EU Member States, evaluating their progress in relevant policy areas and towards their national targets.

In its Europe 2020 strategy, the EU outlines the objective to achieve smart, sustainable, and inclusive growth. In accordance with this strategy, the EU requires Member States to formulate yearly reform programs that outline the steps being taken on the national level to achieve the overarching EU-wide goals. After a comprehensive assessment of these programs is completed, country-specific recommendations are provided, which aid Member States in the further implementation and coordination of national action in, among other areas, climate and energy policy. This tool of European governance is known as the European Semester.

The primary goal of the project is to facilitate the mainstreaming of climate change mitigation into the European Semester. To this end, Ecologic Institute assesses, monitors, and reviews the national climate and energy policies of four EU Member States – Austria, Germany, France, and Malta – providing regular updates on the country-specific progress in the different fields of climate policy. This includes climate and energy policy priorities, environmental taxation, energy efficiency, renewable energy, energy networks, transport, as well as land use, land use change and forestry.

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