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Eike Karola Velten

Eike Karola Velten

Diplom-Wirtschaftsingenieurin (Graduate Industrial Engineer of Energy and Environmental Management)

Eike Karola Velten (née Dreblow) is a Fellow at Ecologic Institute working on the decarbonisation in the energy sector. In particular her research interest include the EU emissions trading scheme and other carbon markets, energy efficiency and mobility. As a trained industrial engineer, Eike Velten specialises on economic and indicator-based evaluations. She works in German and English and has basic knowledge of Spanish.

With her ten years at Ecologic Institute, Eike Velten has led and contributed to a variety of projects for European and German institutions. Since its inception more than five years ago, Eike Velten provides scientific support to the expert commission of the monitoring process on the energy transition in Germany. Her focus is on the non-ETS emissions and in particular transport and buildings. She also evaluated and ranked the drafts of the national energy and climate plans (NECPs) of the 28 Member States. For the European Commission, she regularly analyses recent policy developments at Member State level and advises on carbon prices, fuel subsidies and investment needs.

Recently, sustainable transport policy has been at the centre of her work. For example, Eike Velten identified effective policy instruments to push up electric vehicle use. Moreover, she produces and analyses a data set on the characteristics of used vehicles in the EU and cooperating countries and their EU-wide trade in the context of national policy frameworks for examining the environmental impact and potential policy responses.

Eike Velten has also worked extensive on the European Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS). In particular, she derived benchmarks for refinery processes, examined the use of auctioning revenues and develops training and information material to promote the global knowledge sharing on emissions trading systems.

Eike Karola Velten studied industrial engineering with an emphasis on energy and environmental management at the University of Flensburg (Germany). In her diploma thesis at Fichtner, she researched how concentrating solar power plants could be registered under the Clean Development Mechanism. She spent a year abroad at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain) to attend classes on marine science.

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