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Assessment of Climate Change Policies in the Context of the European Semester - 2015


Assessment of Climate Change Policies in the Context of the European Semester - 2015

28 Country Reports 2015 and Monthly Progress Updates


2015: Assessment of Climate Change Policies as part of the European Semester.

This collection of Country Reports assesses climate and energy policies in all 28 Members States of the European Union (EU). The reports were jointly produced by ICF International, Ecologic Institute and eclareon to support the Directorate General for Climate Action (DG CLIMA) of the European Commission in its contributions to the European Semester. They provide insight into national policy developments and progress towards the achievement of the EU's climate and energy targets.

Each of the reports contains general background to national climate policies as well as greenhouse gas (GHG) emission trends. They furthermore evaluate the progress that Member States made regarding the measures listed in the national GHG projections and the National Reform Programme. A detailed description of policy developments in key policy areas give further valuable information, covering areas such as environmental taxation, energy efficiency, renewable energies, energy infrastructure, transport, and other sectors with GHG emission not covered under the EU emission trading scheme (non-ETS emissions), such as agriculture.

While the Country Reports cover the state of policies in December 2014, so called Monthly Progress Updates are available covering more recent policy developments in the Member States on a monthly basis.

The reports form part of the project European Semester: Support on Climate Related Data and Information that supports DG CLIMA in strengthening climate aspects in the process of the European Semester and the implementation of the Europe 2020 strategy.

Both, the 28 Country Reports and the Monthly Progress Updates are available for download on the European Commission's Website.

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Andreas Prahl
Ennid Roberts, LLM
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Stefania Chirico (ICF)
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Jerome Kisielewicz (ICF)
Georgios Maroulis (eclareon)
Jörn Banasiak (eclareon)
Moira Jimeno (eclareon)
Jindrich Pycha (eclareon)
Roger Pilvik (eclareon)
Aljaz Brunec (eclareon)
Ivana Naydenova (eclareon)
Flora Boreck (eclareon)
Saša Rajković (eclareon)
Ilze Uptaniece (eclareon)
Filip Jirouš (eclareon)
Silvia Nicola (eclareon)
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