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Assessment of Climate Change Policies in the Context of the European Semester

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Assessment of Climate Change Policies in the Context of the European Semester


Climate and energy targets form a key part of the European 2020 growth strategy. Ecologic Institute assesses national climate and energy policies of EU Members States with respect to these targets and compares the progress of Member States in relevant policy areas to support DG Climate Action (European Commission) in the EU Semester process.

In its Europe 2020 strategy, the European Union outlines the objective to achieve smart, sustainable, and inclusive growth including the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and targets for the increase of renewable energy and energy efficiency. As part of the strategy, the European Semester has been introduced - a newly established tool for European governance. It requires Member States to submit reform programmes each year that detail the steps being taken to reach the Strategy's targets. These programmes are evaluated and country-specific recommendations are published that should assist Member States in their way towards achieving their national targets and help coordinate national action in, among other areas, climate and energy policy.

The aim of this project is to support the DG Climate Action in mainstreaming climate change mitigation into the European Semester and the implementation of the Europe 2020 strategy. Ecologic Institute reviews, monitors and analyses national climate and energy policies in each of the EU Member States, providing regular updates on the country-specific progress in the different fields of climate policy. This includes highlighting the country specific challenges as well as opportunities arising from climate action in the different Member States. Additionally, Ecologic Institute compares the status-quo and progress across Members States on environmental taxation, renewable energies, and energy efficiency, and identifies key challenges and best practices.


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Lena Donat, LLM
Elizabeth Zelljadt
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Ennid Roberts, LLM
Andreas Prahl
Andreas Graf
Mira Wenzel
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EU semester, national climate and energy policies, mainstreaming climate policy, green economy, environmental taxation, renewable energy, energy efficiency, transport, EU Member States, Croatia