Statement of the Expert Commission for the "Energy of the Future" Monitoring on the Second Progress Report of the German Government


Löschel, Andreas, Georg Erdmann, Frithjof Staiß, Hans-Joachim Ziesing (2019): Expert Commission to the monitoring process "Energy of the Future" - Statement on the second progress report of the Federal German Government for 2017 - Summary. Berlin, Münster, Stuttgart.

In June 2019, the joint statement of the Expert Commission on the second progress report of the German government was published. Ecologic Institute provides scientific support to the work of the Expert Commission with a focus on the key topics that the Expert Commission selected for their joint statement.

The joint statement provides a scientific assessment and evaluation of the progress report of the German government. The expert commission identified considerable deficits in climate protection, energy efficiency and renewable energies in the transport and heating sectors. On the other hand, the expansion of renewable energies in electricity generation is well on the way. In order to give the energy transition new momentum, the Expert Commission proposes replacing the levies on electricity with a CO2-related surcharge on fossil energy sources in a timely and revenue-neutral manner. This energy price reform creates incentives for climate-friendly innovations.

The independent Expert Commission, composed of Prof. Dr. Andreas Löschel, Prof. Dr. Georg Erdmann, Prof. Dr. Frithjof Staiß and Dr. Hans-Joachim Ziesing, provides scientific support and deliveres a joint statement on the goverment's monitoring process "Energy of the Future".

The full report is available in German; the summary is also available in English (to be published soon).

There is a considerable need for action for the transformation of the energy system

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