Establishing and Structuring a Dialogue between Climate Change Advsiory Bodies in Europe


To help manage the transition to climate neutrality, European countries have increasingly turned to dedicated climate advisory bodies. Although these come in many shapes and sizes, these institutions provide a sound evidence base for policy-making and can further enhance the legitimacy and transparency of governmental action.

This project sought to boost the capabilities of climate advisory bodies across Europe through a knowledge-exchange dialogue. Key players involved were mainly independent scientific councils composed of research and academic community members. The focus was to uncover insights and challenges these bodies face in aiding policy-makers develop proactive climate policy, while also identifying means for ongoing engagement.

The conversation happened over a two-day virtual workshop in November 2020, which hosted approximately 50 representatives from over 15 institutions throughout Europe. The workshop was arranged by the Ecologic Institute, with support from Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations (IDDRI) and the European Environment Agency (EEA).

An input paper based on background research by Ecologic Institute and IDDRI served to guide the dialogue. The paper assessed national climate governance systems and the functions and role of climate advisory bodies. Based on desk research and in-depth interviews with national experts and representatives from national advisory bodies, the study resulted in a useful framework for understanding Europe's climate advisory landscape, spotlighting success factors and barriers for policy impact.

The findings, including insights from the two-day workshop, were published in a comprehensive report in July 2021, accompanied by a presentation and event.

This project sought to boost the capabilities of climate change advisory bodies across Europe through knowledge-exchange and plant the seeds for an ongoing dialogue.

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national climate advisory body, expert council, climate framework law, European Environment Agency
stakeholder engagement, policy evaluation, policy monitoring, evidence-based policy-making

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