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Nick Evans

Nick Evans

MA (Environmental Policy and Planning)
Research Assistant

Nick Evans worked at Ecologic Institute from 2015 to 2017 as a Research Assistant, supporting the work of the climate and energy teams. His interests include climate policy, renewable energy and energy policy as well as behavioral economics, sustainable consumption behavior and the psychology of climate change communication. He is a native English speaker and also works in German.

During his time at Ecologic Institute, Nick worked on a range of different research projects. His work focused principally on the assessment of EU and international climate policies, especially in the long term, and survey analysis. For the project, Qualitative and Quantitative Assesment of EU Member State Low Carbon Development Strategies (MaxiMiseR), Nick helped develop an indicator-based webtool for the evaluation of EU Member States' long-term climate strategies. The tool was then used by the WWF European Policy Office (EPO) for a comprehensive report comparing long-term climate ambition in select countries. Within the context of the same project, Nick designed a questionnaire aimed at investigating Member States' support for EU climate policy as well as their perceptions and experiences with long-term climate planning. For the project, Mobilizing and Transferring on post-2012 Climate Policy Implications (POLIMP), which was funded by the European Commission's Seventh Framework Program (FP7), Nick was chiefly responsible for implementing a year-long "expert response" survey series. The surveys engaged stakeholders and experts monthly on topical issues related to the future of EU and international climate and energy governance. Nick also supported the dissemination efforts of Combining Policy Instruments to Achieve Europe's 2050 Climate Targets (CECILIA2050). The three-year FP7 project took a unique approach at analyzing the current EU climate policy mix and aimed to provide a roadmap for the future of climate protection in Europe. Nick's primarily task involved editing the CECILIA2050 policy brief series, and he also contributed to the second work package on low-carbon mobility.

Furthermore, Nick produced a podcast series for the Emerging Leaders in Environmental and Energy Policy Network (ELEEP), which covered a variety of pressing issues related to the development of climate and energy policy on both sides of the Atlantic. He was also involved with Ecologic Institute's educational programs, providing logistical support for the UC Denver (US) Sustainability in Berlin program and co-teaching a seminar section on behavioral change and sustainable consumption for the Duke University (US) summer study abroad program.

In years prior, Nick was also employed at Ecologic Institute both as a Transatlantic Fellow supported by a German Academic Exchange Service grant (October 2014 to July 2015) and as a student intern (February 2013 to June 2013).

Nick Evans studied psychology and German at Davidson College in North Carolina (US); he holds a Bachelor of Science in psychology and graduated with honors in both majors in May 2014. His undergraduate thesis explored the post-war philosophical roots of Germany's nuclear phase-out and current transition to renewable energy (Energiewende). Nick finished a Master of Arts in Environmental Policy and Planning at the Freie Universität Berlin (Germany) and the Technische Universität Berlin (Germany) in 2017. During his studies he published a research report on behavioral environmental policy through the Environmental Policy Research Center (FFU). His Master's thesis revisted Elinor Ostrom's behavioral theory of collective action and seminal work on polycentric climate governance through the lens of social influence research.

Nick Evans is currently pursuing music in the United States as a singer/songwriter with the band, Stray Fossa. While living in Berlin, Nick released a four-track solo EP and frequently performed at venues in the city.