Bridging Divides Over the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism


Bausch, Camilla 2021: Bridging Divides Over the  Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism. Green Deal reloaded – Perspektiven für eine nachhaltige und gerechte Transformation der EU N° 6, 14 April 2021. Stiftung Genshagen, Institut Montaigne.

In the context of the European Green Deal, the introduction and design of border adjustment measures is currently subject to much controversy. Upon invitation to contribute to the series "Green Deal reloaded" by the Stiftung Genshagen and the Institut Montaigne, Dr. Camilla Bausch (Ecologic Institute) analyzes the opportunities and challenges provided by the proposed border adjustment mechanism.

Authors who contributed to this French-German series include Prof. Barbara Praetorius (HTW Berlin), Prof. Dr. Patrizia Nanz (Forum for the Franco-German Future) and Dr. Sébastian Treyer (IDDRI), as well as Wolfgang Lemb (IG Metall) and Philipp Portier (CFDT) (amongst others).

Camilla Bausch's contribution "Fitting European climate protection measure into the global framework: opportunities and challenges of the border adjustment mechanism" is currently available in German, French and English.

A border adjustment mechanism can make an important contribution to ambitious climate protection if the legislative trade framework as well as climate goals and successful diplomatic integration are vigilantly taken into account.

Camilla Bausch would like to thank Michael Mehling, Benjamin Görlach, Christiane Gerstetter, Heino von Meyer, Willem van Rijn as well as Anna, Christina and Thomas Bausch for their most helpful comments.

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Green Deal reloaded – Perspektiven für eine nachhaltige und gerechte Transformation der EU, N° 6
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carbon leakage, European Green Deal, carbon border adjustment mechanism (CBAM), carbon tax, international trade, trade law, GATT, WTO, G20, emissions, climate protection, climate neutrality, renewable energy, EU-ETS, climate diplomacy, COP26, Stiftung Genshagen, Institut Montaigne

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