Advising the EU's International Outreach on the Content of the Mandate for an International Negotiating Committee for a Potential Global Plastics Agreement


At the United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA), planned for the end of February 2022, one or more Resolutions will be tabled calling for the creation of an International Negotiating Committee to discuss content of a potential Global Plastics Agreement. Discussions of the text of the Resolution(s) will shape the scope and detail of the mandate of the International Negotiating Committee, and therefore influence the likely shape of a future Global Plastics Agreement.

This project will provide content for any EU outreach to non-EU negotiators regarding the mandate of the International Negotiating Committee. To do so, the project partners  provide the European Commission with a document containing the underlying rationale for the potential content of a Global Plastics Agreement. The document will also include an assessment of how existing key policies and initiatives on plastics and circular economy, and in particular EU policies, can support a future global agreement on plastics and vice versa.

The assessment is to illustrate the benefits of a circular economy approach for a Global Plastics Agreement, combining multiple solutions with downstream and upstream measures.
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Global Plastics Agreement, Plastics Regulation, Substitution, Reduction, Circular Economy, EU diplomacy, United Nations Enviroment Assembly

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