Advancing a Green Hydrogen Agenda in the G20

Challenges and opportunities of the G20 as a green hydrogen forum


Benjamin Görlach, Michael Jakob, Ramiro de la Vega (2023): Advancing a green hydrogen agenda in the G20. Challenges and opportunities of the G20 as a green hydrogen forum. Ecologic Institute, Berlin

This policy brief aims to support the work of NGOs and think tanks by developing elements of a green hydrogen agenda for the G20. Based on an analysis of the heterogeneous interests and agenda of the G20 countries, the first part discusses the challenges and opportunities of the G20 as a forum for shaping the emerging markets for hydrogen and hydrogen-based products into a direction that is compatible with climate neutrality. The second section outlines the governance challenge of ensuring the environmental and social sustainability of hydrogen production and use. Finally, it develops options on how to advance a green hydrogen agenda in the G20.

The key recommendations for the G20, which should build on previous efforts to shape the emerging global market for green hydrogen, are:

  • Establishing common standards to determine greenhouse gas emissions from hydrogen production to appropriately assess all types of hydrogen. The G20 should establish a working group to standardize and co-ordinate monitoring and certification procedures that include key environmental and social sustainability aspects.
  • Creating lead markets for green hydrogen and the associated equipment and infrastructure to reduce investment risks and promote the global build-up of production capacities. All countries meeting the required conditions should have access to these lead markets.
  • Supporting the production and use of green hydrogen in other countries by granting preferential market access for green hydrogen, its derivates and green basic materials or incentivizing its uptake in the producing country.

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