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Panel discussion

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The international Climate Negotiations in Copenhagen – Prospects for Climate Protection

25 November 2009

The final event of the 13th Hessian Climate Protection Forum was a high level panel discussion on the international climate negotiations in Copenhagen. Panelists included the Hessian Secretary of State Mark Weinmeister, Wintershall Board Member Dr. Gerhard König, Franzjosef Schafhausen from the Federal Ministry for the Environment, and Dr. Camilla Bausch from the Ecologic Institute. Journalist Thomas Hanke (Handelsblatt) moderated the panel.Read more

The Future Outlook & Post-2012 Discussion

22 September 2009
Washington, DC
United States

Stakeholders and participants in the global carbon market convened in Washington DC at the annual Carbon Markets USA trade conference. Attendees examined the latest developments driving this evolving market, with a particular focus on the state of legislation in the United States and the progress in negotiations towards a global climate regime. Michael Mehling, president of the Ecologic Institute in Washington DC, was invited to address participants in the closing panel. In his address, he assessed the future outlook for climate negotiations and their implications for carbon markets around the globe.Read more

Biofuels as Part of a Climate Protection and Economic Growth Strategy – Comparing Scientific and Industrial Perspectives

25 May 2007

The United States -- though the 2005 Energy Policy Act -- and the European Union -- through the European Energy Policy -- created incentives for expanding biofuel production and use. On 25 May 2007, the German Marshall Fund of the United States (GMF) and DaimlerChrysler convened a conference in Berlin on "Transatlantic Approaches to Biofuels". R. Andreas Kraemer of Ecologic moderated the discussion on assessing European and U.S. policies.Read more

Transport and the Environment: EU Transport Subsidies

4 June 2007
Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of

At the EcoFest 2007, Aaron Best discussed the relationship between transportation and the environment, focusing in economic terms on the costs and benefits to the environment of various modes of transportation. He also discussed some of the ways governments offset some of those costs through taxes and charges.Read more

4th Transatlantic Dialogue on Precaution

19 September 2004 to 21 September 2004
Durham, NC
United States
"Risk Management in a Complex World" was the theme of the 4th Transatlantic Dialogue on Precaution, held at Duke University, Durham, NC, USA, on 19-21 September 2004, and hosted by the Duke Center for Environmental Solutions. R. Andreas Kraemer, who attended also the previous dialogues in the series, contributed as discussant on ozone depletion and climate change.Read more


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