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Rencontre Franco-Allemande/ Deutsch-Französisches Treffen

Nachhaltige Entwicklung und Integration des Umweltschutzes in allen Politiksektoren
Kraemer, R. Andreas; Anne-Gabrielle Mazurek; Alexandra Hähnel 2000: Rencontre Franco-Allemande/ Deutsch-Französisches Treffen.Développement durable et intégration des considérations environnementales à l'ensemble des secteurs politiques. Nachhaltige Entwicklung und Integration des Umweltschutzes in allen Politiksektoren. Ecologic, Berlin.Read more

The Implementation of the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer in the European Union

Ecologic provided an overview of the state of implementation of the Montreal Protocol by assembling 15 case studies on the efforts of various EU Member States in implementing measures. The case studies focused on three aspects: planned phase-out scenarios and measures, legislation and policy instruments used to ensure implementation, and controlling instruments that provide an understanding of the actual extent of implementation.Read more

Koordinationsstrukturen zur nachhaltigen Entwicklung in den EU Mitgliedstaaten

Ecologic collected, compared and evaluated the practical experiences of EU Member States with implementing the environmental integration principle. Furthermore, Ecologic assessed to what extent these experiences could be used by other States. The aim of the study was to analyse the existing and planned national administrative structures for sustainable development.Read more


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