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Geschichte der Umweltpolitikberatung – Oral History

The project "From 'The Blue Sky above the Ruhr' to the Energiewende" aimed at shedding light to the factors that have driven the development of scientific environmental policy advice in Germany. The project team applied the "oral history method", holding a total of 20 interviews with contemporary witnesses. Ecologic Institute produced the project website which provides an overview of the goals, methods and partners of the project. The project's findings as well as videos of the interviews are available for viewing in the media library.Read more

European Union Action to Fight Environmental Crime (EFFACE)

The EU research project EFFACE assesses the impacts of environmental crime as well as effective and feasible policy options for combatting it, with a focus on the EU. Ecologic Institute designed and developed the EFFACE website which provides an overview of the project objectives, structure and partners as well as events. Furthermore the website provides links to the project findings, publications and policy briefs and hosts the EFFACE Newsletter. An internal area supports the coordination of the project work that involves 11 European universities and think tanks.Read more

Bottom-Up Climate Adaptation Strategies for a Sustainable Europe (BASE)

The EU research project BASE supports action for sustainable climate change adaptation in Europe. The Ecologic Institute designed and developed the project's website. It contains an interactive map, which gives an overview of the BASE case studies. Furthermore the webpage provides detailed information on the project and its events as well as publications for download. Users can also subscribe for the newsletter.Read more

Demonstration of Promising Technologies to Address Emerging Pollutants in Water and Waste Water (DEMEAU)

The water and waste water sector is facing challenges to assure safe, cost-effective and sustainable water supply and sanitation services. DEMEAU promotes the uptake of new knowledge, prototypes and practices enabling the water cycle sector to face emerging pollutants and thus securing water and waste water services and public health. Ecologic Institute created the DEMEAU website. It presents the project and its outputs and contains an internal area for project management and collaborative writing. Read more

DYNamic policy MIXes for absolute decoupling of environmental impact of EU resource use from economic growth (DYNAMIX)

The EU research project DYNAMIX identified dynamic and robust policy mixes that support absolute decoupling of the EU's resource use and associated environmental impacts from economic activities. Ecologic Institute created a website for the DYNAMIX project. The website serves as a platform to present the project's initiatives, structure, partners, events and results.Read more

Combining Policy Instruments to Achieve Europe's 2050 Climate Targets (CECILIA2050)

The CECILIA2050 project makes recommendations on how a suitable mix of instruments could be used to enable the EU to meet the 2050 greenhouse gas emission targets adopted by EU leaders in 2009. The project website was designed and programmed by Ecologic Institute and serves as a platform where publications, news and events are shared. The internal area gives research partners access to drafts, discussions and partners' contact data.Read more

REstoring rivers FOR effective catchment Management (REFORM)

The REFORM project provides tools to support cost-effective implementation of river restoration measures and monitoring. The Ecologic Institute is responsible for concept, design, programming and content of the project website which aims to be the central platform for collaborative writing. The internal area provides access to drafts, discussions and a list of all partners working on that project. The website also offers a feedback forum where visitors may respond to activities and discussion meetings. Furthermore the website offers an overview and detailed fact sheets about study sites with an interactive map displaying the locations. All results, news and events related to the project can be found on the website.Read more

EUREAPA Tool Launched

The One Planet Economy Network: EU (OPEN:EU) project concluded at the end of 2011 with the launch of the EUREAPA tool. EUREAPA (EU Resource and Energy Analysis Programme Application) is a freely available online decision making support tool based on the integration of the Footprint Family of indicators with an economic model which enables users to demonstrate the impact of EU consumption and production on the environment.Read more


EcoScholars is an initiative of international scholars hosted by the Ecologic Institute. It is a discussion and networking group located in Berlin. Its members are international researchers, scholars, fellows, and professionals who are involved in climate change, energy, sustainability, and other related environmental fields. Ecologic Institute created a website which provides information about the EcoScholars network and its events. It provides a tool for users to subscribe to the EcoScholars mailing list.Read more

Arctic Summer College

The Arctic Summer College builds a policy-oriented network of Arctic professionals from different disciplines and regions to share and discuss ideas with expert speakers via online webinars. The Arctic Summer College Website was realised by Ecologic Institute as an informational backbone of the network. Users can access the blog for news as well as refer to the archived webinar sessions.Read more


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