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Applying EU Environmental Legislation

Applying EU Environmental Legislation

Learning from the European Court Cases and the Example of the National Marine Park of Zakynthos

What are the impacts of European infringement procedures regarding the non-compliance with nature conservation legislation on certain areas? And, to what extent can protected areas contribute to fulfill the requirements of the nature conservation legislation by means of sustainable management with appropriate financing?

This policy guide examines procedures of non-compliance with nature conservation legislation of the EU and the possible actions to achieve compliance with these legislation. In addition, sustainable management of marine protected areas and financial instruments for nature conservation are discussed. Best practices are included in order to illustrate the topics presented in this paper.

The Ecologic Brief is available for download.

The policy guide is an outcome of the project "Applying EU Environmental Legislation in the Field of Marine Protection".  More information about it can be found at the project's website.


Dräger, Tanja et al. 2003: Applying EU Environmental Legislation. Learning from European Court Cases and the Example of the National Marine Park of Zakynthos. [Ecologic Briefs on International Relations and Sustainable Development]. Berlin: Ecoscript.

36 pp.
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Table of Contents

Marine and coastal protection in European Policy
European Strategy for the Marine Environment
Integrated Coastal Zone Management in Europe
Natura 2000
Overview of European Policies related to Marine Protection
International Agreement
Overview of Conventions and Organisations
Main Implementation Gaps
Enforcing European Environmental Legislation
Non-Judicial Remedies
Legal Procedures
Zakynthos before the European Court of Justice
Public Participation in Infringement Procedures
Enforcing European Legislation - Conclusions
management and Financing of Protected Areas
Sustainable Management of Marine Protected Areas
Financial Instruments for Nature Conservation
Sustainable Management and Financing - Conclusions

Mediterranean, Marine and Coastal Protection, Nature Conservation, Infringement Procedures, European Court Cases, Financial Instruments for Nature Conservation, Park Management, Bellagio Forum,