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International Conference "Applying EU Environmental Legislation to the Field of Marine Protection"


Dräger, Tanja; Eduard Interwies; R. Andreas Kraemer 2003: International Conference. Applying EU Environmental Legislation to the Field of Marine Protection. Technical Report. Berlin: Ecologic Institute.

15 pp.
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Table of Contents

1 Introduction
1.1 Purpose of this project
1.2 Background: Caretta Caretta on Zakynthos
2 Zakynthos Conference and its outcomes
3 Contractual and Financial Aspects
3.1 Financial Aspects
3.2 Contractual Aspects
3.2.1 Task performed by Ecologic
3.2.2 Task performed by Ada Vlachoutsikou
4 Composition of the team
5 Time Schedule
6 Task performed by Ecologic
6.1 Development of a conference concept
6.2 Development of invitations and registration forms
6.3 Selections of participants and speakers
6.4 Background Paper
6.5 Summary of the Conference
6.6 Conference Web-Site “Caretta”
6.7 Policy Guide
6.8 Publishing of an Article
7 Annexl: Programme
8 Annex II: Invitation and Registration Forms
9 Annex Ill: List of Participants