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Strangers Keep Out? - Invasive Plant and Animal Species in Berlin and Brandenburg

Strangers Keep Out? - Invasive Plant and Animal Species in Berlin and Brandenburg

5 June 2014
An evening event focusing on local invasive species.

Which invasive species can be found in Berlin and Brandenburg?  Have you ever wondered what they taste like? Participants were invited to find out at our final event of the series Biodiversity - local/global and learn more about these organisms from Prof. Dr. Jasmin Joschi from Potsdam University and Peter Becker from NewTritionInk.

The event took place on 5 June, 2014 from 7.30pm to 9pm in the Urania in Berlin.

Biodiversity - local/global

The term "biodiversity," or biological diversity, is being increasingly brought into a wide array of social and political debates, not least of all because of the numerous species and ecosystems that are under threat and because of the current and future human development options that are being lost due to decreasing biological diversity. What exactly is hidden behind the term, what relationships exist between human well-being and biological diversity, and what can politicians (and you, too!) do to protect them?

In order to address these questions, Ecologic Institute, the Urania Berlin, and the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin have teamed up to present an event series entitled - Biodiversity - local/global - which offers a better understanding of the topic of biological diversity and all of its socially-relevant facets. Renowned experts report from their field of study and take part in open discussions with the audience.

Upcoming events of the Biodiversity - local/global series

This  was the final event of the series, which took place in the Urania in Berlin. Further information can be found in the flyer below.