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Pills in the Water Cycle: What we can do about it


Pills in the Water Cycle: What we can do about it

Animated Video


Lippeverband 2014: Pills in the water cycle: what we can do about it. Animated Video. Online:

What can consumers, medical staff, researchers, members of water boards and politicians do to reduce the input of pharmaceutical residues at the source? This short film illustrates how all involved stakeholders can contribute jointly to solutions.

The short film was produced within the project "Den Spurenstoffen auf der Spur (DSADS)" which is part of the EU funded co-operation project "No Pills in Waters". The short film builds upon the video "The Drugs We Wash Away: Pharmaceuticals, Drinking Water and the Environment"  that was created by the Ecologic Institute within the project "Ecological and Human Health Risk Assessments of Drugs in the Environment (PHARMAS)".

Disclaimer: The content of the animation is responsibility of the authors alone and does neither represent the offical views of the German State of North Rhine-Westphalia nor of the European Commission.

Reducing the input of pharmaceuticals into the water cycle needs to be a joint effort of all involved stakeholders.



Concept and production: Florian Keil (keep it balanced), Issa Nafo (Lippeverband)
Script: Florian Keil, Issa Nafo, Nicolas de Leval Jezierski
Advice: Rodrigo Vidaurre, Melanie Kemper (Ecologic Institut)
Direction and Animation: Nicolas de Leval Jezierski
Assistance: Michael Helmrich
Sound Design and Music: Michał Krajczok (Talking Animals)
Voice-over: Steve Taylor (Voice Pool)

4:38 Min.
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