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Rodrigo Vidaurre

Rodrigo Vidaurre


Rodrigo Vidaurre is a Fellow at Ecologic Institute. He specializes in water policy and science, and his research at Ecologic Institute focuses on climate change and climate change adaptation, water and the green economy, emerging pollutants, and the implementation of the Water Framework Directive (WFD). Rodrigo Vidaurre is a native speaker of English and Spanish and also works in German.

His project work covers the link between water, climate change impacts, and human security (CLICO). In addition, he researches approaches to reduce environmental pollution caused by pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical residue (PHARMAS). He also works extensively on different aspects of the WFD.

Before joining Ecologic Institute in 2005, he worked for the hydrogeology consulting firm Aquaconsult Cía. Ltda., based in Santiago de Chile, mainly on groundwater development projects in the Atacama Desert.

Rodrigo Vidaurre studied geology at the University of Chile and specialized in hydrogeology. For his thesis, he worked at the General Water Directorate of Chile's Ministry of Public Works researching the nitrate pollution of the Aconcagua Valley’s groundwater. He is finalizing his second degree in journalism and English literature at the Freie Universität Berlin (Germany).