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Ecologic Institute's Maritime Projects at the Public Day at European Maritime Day (EMD) 2014

Ecologic Institute's Maritime Projects at the Public Day at European Maritime Day (EMD) 2014

18 May 2014
More innovation for Blue Growth

Central to the European Maritime Day (EMD) was the two day international conference with a focus on innovation and maritime technologies under the motto "Innovation Driving Blue Growth." With more than 1000 participants from politics, economy, science, and NGOs, the seventh EMD centered on the question of sustainable use of seas and oceans. European Commissioner for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Maria Damanaki stressed in her Welcome-Speech that further research on the sustainable use of the seas and oceans is essential.

Grit Martinez from the Ecologic Institute presented research results in the workshop "Ports and Coasts at Threat", where the threat of coastal infrastructure from extreme events was discussed and courses of action were presented for, among others, the ports of Kiel, Hamburg, and Bremen. Martinez stressed research activities across disciplinary boundaries and involving local, relevant stakeholders as essential for the reduction of coastal risks.

Before the conference, a public day for EMD was held along the banks of the Weser River on May 18th. On this "Research Alley", research organizations presented their results to the public. Ecologic Institute, presented by Susanne Altvater and Dr. Nico Stelljes, took the opportunity to discuss research results with locals from Bremen and the surrounding region. To get in contact with locals, a quiz for kids and small survey for adults was conducted. The survey was answered by 25 participants and showed, that they are concerned with the environment of the sea. Many of the respondents see tourism as a major reason of marine litter in the Baltic and North Sea and would be willing to pay a small fee for cleaning beaches. Constraints however were made, that the proposed way of spending the money must be ensured.

18 May 2014
Bremen, Germany
maritime affairs, costs, workshop and open day event, Bremen