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Policy Recommendations from the ELEEP-Network


Policy Recommendations from the ELEEP-Network


The conclusion of a grant cycle of funding for the Emerging Leaders in Environmental and Energy Policy Network (ELEEP) resulted in the writing and publication of a five-part series of policy recommendations. Supporting the work of the ELEEP Network over this period were generous grants from the European Union and the Robert Bosch Foundation. The policy recommendations are available for download.

These policy recommendations grew out of ELEEP Members’ participation in four study tours on different, highly relevant policy topics and a conference-study tour that concluded this grant period. The ELEEP Members, who attended each of the events, led the development and compilation of these policy recommendations. These results point clearly to the potential of the ELEEP Network through its membership (of over 100 Members drawn from 19 countries in Europe and North America) to take on transatlantic policy challenges and deliver recommendations and results useful not only for the study of these challenges, but also and more importantly for those (policymakers and others) seeking to address them.   

This five-part policy recommendation series covers the following topics derived from learning and analysis connected to face-to-face engagement with policymakers and practitioners:

These policy recommendations can be downloaded here. These recommendations, as well as all materials and information related to the ELEEP Network can also be found on the Network’s website

With this five-part policy recommendations series, the ELEEP Network has emerged as an ad-hoc think tank capable of providing policy solutions to transatlantic environmental and energy challenges.
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