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Introduction and Aim – CleanSea-Workshop

Introduction and Aim – CleanSea-Workshop

14 November 2014
There are many possibilities for European Member States to reduce marine litter.

Susanne Altvater from Ecologic Institute moderated a workshop of the CleanSea project team with stakeholders of the German administration, industry, science community and NGOs. She presented aims and tasks of the CleanSea project. The presentation slides can be downloaded. 

After a short introduction to the topic of marine litter for the stakeholders coming from different areas, she presented first results of the project. University partners of the consortium analyse for example the impact of marine litter on organisms and develop indicators on biological impacts and microplastic to come closer to the MSFD goal of a good environmental status of the marine envrionment (GES).

So-called small entities (SMEs) which are also part of the CleanSea consortium test for example new technologies to identify marine litter in an improved way to meet the needs of monitoring systems.

Also first results of the socio-economic effects of plastic waste in seas and on beaches as well as institutional and legal frameworks to avoid and reduce marine litter have been presented.


14 November 2014
Berlin, Germany
Marine Litter, Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD), Good Environmental Status (GES), Micro-plastic, Ecosystem approach, Monitoring, Indicators, Effects on the marine environment, socio-economic drivers and barriers, governance, legislation, innovative instruments, participatory approach, mitigation, policy options, European Union, Europe, Baltic Sea, North Sea