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How to Deal with Climate Change?


How to Deal with Climate Change?

International Conference on Climate Change Adaptation, Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark

The European Climate Change Adaptation Conference – ECCA 2015 – shall take place from 12-14 May 2015 at the Bella Centre in Copenhagen. It is an initiative of a number of major European research projects and other stakeholders, organised on behalf of the EU Commission. Ecologic Institute co-ordinates the Scientific Programme Committee in charge of the development of the ECCA programme.

The Conference will offer a unique platform for researchers, policy makers, and businesses to share new research results, fresh policy developments, and practical experiences regarding climate change impacts and adaptation. Moreover, the Conference will highlight opportunities for business innovations aimed at supporting the transition to low carbon societies. It is the second event of this kind: the first ECCA Conference was held in Hamburg 2013 and attended by more than 700 participants. It follows international adaptation conferences in Australia (Gold Coast, Queensland) in 2010 and in the United States (Tucson, Arizona) in 2012.

Finding solutions to adapt to climate change

Climate change is already taking place and the stage has been reached where it is no longer sufficient to discuss what can be done to reduce emissions of the greenhouse gases responsible for human-induced global warming. Solutions must be found so we can adapt to climate change – and ECCA 2015 provides a platform for this task.

The topics cover:

  • Climate change adaptation in cities
  • Climate change adaptation in connection with floods
  • Climate change adaptation and public health
  • Adaptation to extreme climate events
  • Economics and politics in connection with climate change adaptation

Key speakers at the conference include:

  • Director Kurt Vandenberghe (EU Commission), former EU Climate Commissioner Connie Hedegaard,
  • Professor Frans Berkhout (Director of the global research platform, Future Earth) and
  • Denmark’s Minister for the Environment Kirsten Brosbøl.

Climate-smart Copenhagen provides the setting

Holding the Conference in climate-smart Copenhagen amplifies the experience of learning:  participants can visit sites representing in reality how climate change adaptation can be achieved through the creation of urban nature reserves and engaging in other recreational interests.

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