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Report on Drivers of Societal Processes of Energy Transition


Pearson, Adam et al. 2014: Milesecure 2050 Deliverable 3.1 Report on Drivers of Societal Processes of Energy Transition. Ecologic Institute, Berlin.

Giovanni Caiati (LSC)
Tilemahos Efthimiadis (JRC)
Izabela Sitko (PLUS)
79 pp.
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Table of Contents

Executive summary
1. Introduction
2. Current perspectives on a secure, low-carbon, inclusive energy system
2.1 Background
2.2 Key components of a secure, low-carbon and inclusive energy system
2.3 Three components, one policy
2.4 The transition to the desired energy system
2.5 Summary
3. Methodology: an iterative process
3.1 The Prelimary Framework
3.2 Quantitative Evaluation of Anticipatory Experiences
3.3 Focus Groups and Expert Interviews
4. Results
4.1 Significance of specific Factors
4.2 Interconnectedness of Factors – Synergies in Drivers and Barriers
4.3 Leverage in a sequence
5. Discussion
5.1 Further research needs
5.2 Discussion of methodological strengths and weaknesses
6. Conclusions
6.1 Revised Framework
6.2 Areas of further research
7. Works Cited
8. Annex
8.1 Methodology of developing preliminary Framework
8.2 Strengths of Drivers and Barriers in Anticipatory Experiences – Assessment Matrix
8.3 Focus Groups and Expert Interview materials
8.4 Statistical methodology used in Quantitative Evaluation