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Report on Main Trends in European Energy Policies


Crivello, Silvia et al. 2013: Milesecure 2050 Deliverable 1.3 - Report on Main Trends in European Energy Policies Politecnico di Torino, Torino.

Silvia Crivello (POLITO)
Marat Karatayev (POLITO)
Patrizia Lombardi (POLITO)
Giancarlo Cotella (POLITO)
Marco Santangelo (POLITO)
Oscar Amerighi (ENEA)
Bruna Felici (ENEA)
Bruno Baldissara (ENEA)
Maria Cristina Tommasino (ENEA)
Zygmunt Parczewski (IEn)
Katarzyna Łabinowicz (IEn)
Marek Niemyski (EnergSys)
Adam Umer (EnergSys)
Andrzej Slawinski (IEn)
171 pp.
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Table of Contents

1. Energy production and consumption in the European Union. Present trends, challenges and future perspectives
1.1 EU energy consumption and energy sources
1.2 EU geography of carbon emissions
1.3 EU economic, social and environmental sustainability in relation to energy situation
1.4 Trends and forecast
2. Existing EU energy and environmental strategies and policies
2.1 EU general strategies and main policies
2.2 EU renewable energy and energy efficiency policy
2.2.1 Renewable energy policy
2.2.2 Energy efficiency policy
2.3 Environment and climate protection policy
2.4 Energy security policy
2.4.1 Market integration
2.4.2 Energy networks
2.4.3 Security of energy supply
2.5 EU approach towards traditional energy sources in relation to low carbon perspectives
2.5.1 Nuclear energy
2.5.2 Traditional energy sources: coal, oil, gas
2.6 Energy technology and innovation policy
2.7 Low carbon energy investments in the programming period 2014-2020
3. Economic, social and environmental trends in EU and how they are related to new energy scenarios
3.1 Main trends and indicators
3.2 Energy Indicators
3.3 Summary progress towards Europe 2020 energy targets
3.4 Focus on Italy
3.5 Focus on Germany
3.6 Focus on Poland
4. Conclusions
5. References for chapters 1 and 2
6. References for chapter 3
7. References for the national focuses