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Low-carbon Energy Security from a European Perspective

Low-carbon Energy Security from a European Perspective

The book "Low-Carbon Energy Security from a European Perspective" draws on the European Commission funded project MILESECURE-2050. It considers low-carbon energy security and energy geopolitics in Europe with a focus on four thematic clusters: challenging the energy security paradigm; climate change and energy security objectives (the components of a secure and low-carbon energy system); energy security in a geopolitical perspective, as it relates to economics, resource competition, and availability; and the influence of large scale renewable energy projects on energy security and shifting geopolitical alliances. Max Gruenig (President of Ecologic Institute US) served as one of the book's editors and further researchers, Andreas Prahl (Ecologic Institute EU), Katherine Weingartner and Brendan O'Donnell (Ecologic Institute US), were chapter authors.

An overarching narrative is that optimizing the energy system simultaneously across different objectives may be impossible, i.e., lowest cost, least environmental impact, minimal downtime, regional supply. This book explores these charged topics through insights from a series of novel, new energy project case studies, and demonstrates the need for difficult political conversations within Europe and beyond by posing fundamental yet new questions about the energy security paradigm.


Lombardi, P., Gruenig, M. (Ed.) 2016: Low-Carbon Energy Security from a European Perspective, Elsevier Academic Press.

Oscar Amerighi
Bruno Baldissara
Giovanni Caiati
Christophe Cassen
Giancarlo Cotella
Silvia Crivello
Bruna Felici
Francesco Gracceva
Marat Karatyev
Patrizia Lombardi
Gabriele Quinti
Govert Valkenburg
Peter Zeniewski
284 pp.
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Table of Contents

1. Challenging the energy security paradigm
2. European Union Energy Policy Evolutionary Patterns
3. A Study of Russia as Key Natural Gas Supplier to Europe in Terms of Security of Supply and Market Power
4. The Macroregional Geopolitics of Energy Security: Towards a New Energy World Order?
5. Reshaping Equilibria: Renewable Energy Mega-Projects and Energy Security
6. European Distributed Renewable Energy Case Studie
7. Energy Security in Low-Carbon Pathways
8. Towards Governance of Energy Security
9. Reducing Uncertainty Through a Systemic Risk-Management Approach
10. Towards a Low-Carbon, Citizens-Driven Europe’s Energy Security Agenda