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Evaluation KlimaDiskurs.NRW

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Evaluation KlimaDiskurs.NRW


The KlimaDiskurs.NRW (short: KD) is an independent platform to discuss varying interests and find solutions around climate protection in the German federal state of North-Rhine-Westphalia (NRW). Founded in 2012, it aims at bringing together various actors from the industry and energy state NRW, creating space for the discussion of their different viewpoints, increasing the level of trust and discussing potential solutions.

Evaluating past and potential future achievements of the KlimaDiskurs.NRW

The evaluation, carried out by the Ecologic Institute, showed to which degree the KD reached its goal of being an important and unique actor in the pre-political sphere. Furthermore, an adjustment of the KD concept took place in a self-reflecting process. From the experience of the past project phase, it was derived to what amount the KD could give useful impulses for climate protection in NRW and how they can be expanded. Detailed data on the visibility of the KD exists, hence, the aim of this evaluation was rather the qualitative assessment of its profile, reputation and (further) achievement of objectives with regard to the changes in the energy, industry and climate protection debates in NRW.

Methodological approach of the evaluation

The evaluation of the KlimaDiskurs.NRW was done by the Ecologic Institute from two perspectives. On the one hand, there was an ex-post perspective which analyzed what has (not) been reached so far and why (not). On the other hand, a complementary ex-ante perspective investigated what could be achieved with an extension of the project. The analysis consisted of an impact model, a literature and document analysis and of interviews with central actors such as the KD management as well as representatives of the political sphere or economy. A final report summarized the findings.

The background of KlimaDiskurs.NRW

The KD was found in 2012. The initiating organizations are Friends of the Earth NRW, Institute for Church and Society Evangelical Church of Westphalia, the Agenda 21 working group of NRW, Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union NRW and the Consumer Advice Centre NRW. Financial funding for the KD comes from the Foundation Mercator and the Foundation for the Environment and Development NRW.


Lucas Porsch
Terri Kafyeke
Holger Gödderz
Project ID
climate protection, evaluation, energy debates, climate proteciton debates, platform, discussions, NRW, impact model
North Rhine-Westphalia, NRW, Germany, Europe
telephone interviews, effect logic, ex-post perspective, ex-ante perspective