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Multilateral Environmental Agreements and WTO Law

Multilateral Environmental Agreements and WTO Law

26 November 2004

"Sustainable Development within the context of economic globalisation" was the subject discussed at a seminar organised by the University Nürtingen. The event took place 26-27 November 2004 and was dedicated to raising awareness about environmental issues within Germany's higher education system. Markus Knigge, Ecologic Fellow, gave a presentation on the relationship between multilateral environmental agreements and the international trade regime.

Given the broad scope of issues within the Doha negotiations of the World Trade organsiation and the increasing number of multilateral environmental agreements which incorporate trade measures, there seems to increasing potential for conflict between both international regimes. Within his presentation on the relationship between the international environmental regime and the WTO Markus Knigge touched upon the potential for conflict as well as co-operation and interaction.

Presentation [pdf, 258 KB, German] and Background Paper [pdf, 703 KB, English] are available for download.

26 November 2004
Hohenheim, Germany
Trade, MEA, Environmental Agreements, WTO, CITES , Doha