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ETS E-Learning Online Course


ETS E-Learning Online Course


Development Solutions, Ecologic Institute 2015: ETS E-Learning Online Course. Online:

This online platform is part of an ongoing ETS Summer University program that helps to meet the growing need for improved understanding of emissions trading as an instrument of climate policy in emerging economies and developing countries. The curriculum and corresponding activities are organized into course modules, which allows for differentiation and flexibility in the learning process. Participants from all over the world learn the material online for free with the aid of supplementary webinars that feature interactive, question-and-answer sessions with subject matter experts. Ecologic is responsible for large parts of the course content and coordination among the subject matter experts.

Acknowledging that a format requiring physical attendance is insufficient to satisfy the current demand for capacity development and training, the eLearning platform offers scalability to larger audiences and ensure participant involvement and network-building beyond the duration of the training courses.

Structure of the ETS Online Course

This eLearning platform offers online tools for knowledge transfer, network building, and longer-term alumni involvement. Each of the online units is comprised of slides that include features such as pop-up windows, customised graphics, links to useful external resources, and unit quizzes designed to assess learners' understanding of key concepts. The ordering of the online course is arranged so that basic concepts are introduced in earlier units, while the later units provide specialised information about design and implementation of emissions trading systems (i.e. leakage and competitiveness; linking ETS).

Theory, design and operational considerations of emission trading systems (ETSs)


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Concept: Ecologic Institute
Content: Benjamin Görlach, Michael Mehling, Elizabeth Zelljadt, Michael Gillenwater, Pedro Barata
Programming: Development Solutions (Jay Brohman)
Design: Development Solutions (Jay Brohman)

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22 course units
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Table of contents
climate policy instruments, emissions trading, policy toolbox, economic/market instruments, command-and-control regulation, persuasive (soft) instruments, voluntary agreements, economic theories, renewable energy credits, ETS design, ETS coverage, emission rights, Compliance, Measurement, Reporting, Verification, Temporal flexibility, Price stabilisation options, Governance, Clean Development Mechanism, Joint Implementation, compliance cycle, registry, market oversight, upstream vs. downstream coverage, Data Collection, Inventory Generation, GHG emission, MRV, grandfathering, benchmarking, auctioning, auctioning formats and platforms, Registry, transaction log, verifiers, ETS programmes, technical prerequisites, regulatory prerequisites, institutional and legal infrastructure, socio-political prerequisites, Carbon Market Dynamics, carbon prices, carbon trade, market participants, transaction types, compliance periods, allowance auctions, quotas and price triggers, Market Stability Reserve, market manipulation, abuse, fairness, Leakage, Competitiveness, Legal and Regulatory Framework, Linking ETS
Europe, global, Developing Countries
online platform, training courses, modular structure, eLearning, Webinar, online tools, knowledge transfer, network building, slides, pop-up windows, customised graphics, useful external resources, unit quizzes, personalised learning path