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Adaptation to Climate Change on the Local Level in Europe: The Overview

Adaptation to Climate Change on the Local Level in Europe: The Overview

Ecologic Insitute (lead), together with University College London (UCL) and Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI), is developing a study for the Committee of the Regions comprising regional and local adaptation to climate change since 2013.

First, an overview of the current situation and recent development for EU member states is conducted. Besides the national adaptation strategies, regional strategies and plans are of high interest. This addresses an important, but often underrepresented level, since many adaption strategies focus on cities or nations.

Regional adaptation strategies are illustrated using two case studies as examples. One of the case study regions is a member of RegionsAdapt, a network of regions engaged in information sharing about such strategies. The other case study is a region that has successfully tackled different climatic challenges. The Mayors Adapt initiative will also be examined to point out the effort needed for local adaptation strategies. Furthermore, the link between the local, regional, national, as well as the European level will be depicted.

With such a synthesis, and with a focus on the years 2013-2016, it will be possible to evaluate whether regions and cities could benefit from adaptation strategies on the European or national level and how these interplays could be improved.