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Assessing the Cost-Effectiveness of Environmental Policies in Europe


Assessing the Cost-Effectiveness of Environmental Policies in Europe

17 June 2005
United Kingdom

Along with the emphasis on better regulation and lean governance in the European Union and its Member States, there has been renewed interest in policy evaluation and impact assessment. One of the main criteria in this context is cost-effectiveness, which demonstrates that environmental objectives have been achieved - or will be achieved - at least cost. At the EASY-ECO conference "Impact Assessment for a New Europe and Beyond", Benjamin Görlach was invited to present some insights on state of the art ex-post assessments of the cost-effectiveness of environmental policies.

In his presentation, Benjamin Görlach presented some preliminary results of the project "Cost-effectiveness of environmental policies", which Ecologic carried out together with the Institute for Environmental Studies at the Free University of Amsterdam and the British consultancy firm eftec on behalf of the European Environment Agency.

University of Manchester, School of Environment and Development, Impact Assessment Research Centre (IARC), United Kingdom
17 June 2005
Manchester, United Kingdom
EIA, SEA, impact assessment, European Commission, cost-effectiveness, costs, economic, economics, CEA