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International Yearbook of Soil Law and Policy 2016

International Yearbook of Soil Law and Policy 2016

The first volume of the International Yearbook of Soil Law and Policy includes an important discussion on the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals that are the basis for the post-2015 development agenda up to the year 2030; the Yearbook focuses in particular on Goal 15, which includes achieving a "land degradation-neutral world." It also provides a comprehensive and highly informative overview of the latest developments at the international level, important cross-disciplinary issues and different approaches in national legislation. Ecologic Institute's Timo Kaphengst contributed to the chapter on "The UN Convention on Biological Diversity and Soils: Status and Future Options". Elizabeth Dooley had been involved as advisory editor.


Ginzky, Harald et al. (ed.) 2017: International Yearbook Of Soil Law And Policy 2016. 1st ed. Springer International Publishing Switzerland.

978-3-319-42507-8 (Hardcover), 978-3-319-42508-5 (eBook
430 pp.
Table of Contents

Greeting to the Launch of the Yearbook from an African Perspective
Shikongo, Sem T.

Audit of Soil Governance
Oliveira, Aroldo Cedraz

Soils Need International Governance: A European Perspective for the First Volume of the International Yearbook of Soil Law and Policy
Flasbarth, Jochen

North American Soils and World Food
Rees, William E.

Soils Governance, an Australian Perspective
Martin, Paul

Striving for Land-Soil Sustainability: Some Legal Reflections
Desai, Bharat H. (et al.)

International Soil Protection Law: History, Concepts and Latest Developments
Boer, Ben W. (et al.)

Chances and Challenges in Using the Sustainable Development Goals as a New Instrument for Global Action Against Soil Degradation
Ehlers, Knut

Land Degradation Neutrality and the UNCCD: From Political Vision to Measurable Targets
Minelli, Sara (et al.)

The Role of Soils in International Climate Change Policy
Streck, Charlotte (et al.)

The UN Convention on Biological Diversity and Soils: Status and Future Options
Wolff, Franziska and Timo Kaphengst

The Alpine Convention’s Soil Conservation Protocol: A Model Regime?
Markus, Till

Are Soils Taken into Consideration by the IPBES Assessment on Land Degradation and Restoration?
Desrousseaux, Maylis (et al.)

Soil Degradation and Migrations in the Age of the Global Environmental Crisis: A Policy-Making Perspective
Mastrojeni, Grammenos

FAO: Voluntary Guidelines on Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Forests and Fisheries—Relevance, Reception and First Experiences in Implementation
Windfuhr, Michael

Evaluating the Role of Private Land Tenure Rights in Sustainable Land Management for Agriculture in Kenya
Kibugi, Robert

The Human Right to Food and Sustainable Soil Management: Linking Voluntary Agricultural Sustainability Standards with Food Security
Beuchelt, Tina (et al.)

Economics of Land Degradation: Achievements and Next Steps
Etter, Hannes (et al.)

National Developments in Soil Protection in Mongolia
Hannam, Ian

The Protection of Soil Under Namibian Law
Ruppel, Oliver C. (et al.)

Brazilian Federal Court of Accounts (TCU), Department of Agriculture and Environmental Audit: Soil Governance Audit
Santos, Vinícius Neves (et al.)

 Legislative Progress on Soil Contamination Prevention and Control in China
Qin, Tianbao (et al.)

The Protection of Soil: Does the European Union Live Up to Its Own Ambitions?
Raffelsiefen, Markus (et al.)

United States Soil Degradation
Richardson, Jesse J. (et al.)