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Updated Inventory and Assessment of Soil Protection Policy Instruments in EU Member States

The approach to analysis, with the different steps involved, and the role of the clusters.

Updated Inventory and Assessment of Soil Protection Policy Instruments in EU Member States


Frelih-Larsen, A., C. Bowyer, S. Albrecht, C. Keenleyside, M. Kemper, S. Nanni, S. Naumann, R., D. Mottershead, R. Landgrebe, E. Andersen, P. Banfi, S. Bell, I. Brémere, J. Cools, S. Herbert, A. Iles, E. Kampa, M. Kettunen, Z. Lukacova, G. Moreira, Z. Kiresiewa, J. Rouillard, J. Okx, M. Pantzar, K. Paquel, R. Pederson, A. Peepson, F. Pelsy, D. Petrovic, E. Psaila, B. Šarapatka, J. Sobocka, A.-C. Stan, J. Tarpey, R. Vidaurre (2016). ‘Updated Inventory and Assessment of Soil Protection Policy Instruments in EU Member States.’ Final Report to DG Environment. Berlin: Ecologic Institute.

Based on a comprehensive analysis of EU laws and nationally initiated policies in 28 Member States, a new study led by Ecologic Institute assesses how existing EU legislation protects soils, identifying gaps and incoherencies in policy coverage. While valuable, and in some cases strong, provisions for soils are in place in EU law, several important weaknesses remain. Nationally initiated policies do not consistently address these gaps in EU legislation, leading to a situation where requirements for soil protection can vary significantly across Member States. The study provides an up-to-date understanding of soil protection policies in Europe, delivering a baseline on which to discuss further EU soil policy action. The study is available for download.


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C. Bowyer
C. Keenleyside
S. Nanni
D. Mottershead
E. Andersen
P. Banfi
I. Brémere
J. Cools
S. Herbert
A. Iles
M. Kettunen
Z. Lukacova
G. Moreira
J. Okx
M. Pantzar
K. Paquel
R. Pederson
A. Peepson
F. Pelsy
D. Petrovic
E. Psaila
B. Šarapatka
J. Sobocka
A.-C. Stan

Project officers at DG Environment, Josiane Masson and Jacques DelSalle, and members of the project Steering Group.

Members of the Expert Group on Soil Protection and of the EIONET Soil Network who contributed with contributions and revisions of the Soil Wiki: Aabling, J., V. Antoni, Ó. Arnalds, M. Bednarek, A. Benedetti, H. Bendová, J. Berényi-Üveges, Y. Beeckmann, A. Bieber, C. Bitaud, J. Bollmann, B. Borisova, A. Callaba-de-Roa, I. Cakars, F.-J. Cano-Monasterio, S. Capus, C. Carpino, F. N. Cebecioğlu, M. Cleen, R. Creamer, M. Cvetkovska, H. Čustović, S. Cutajar, C. Duggan, O. Düwel, E. Van Dyck, T. Federico, F. Fumanti, E. Georgieva, F. Glante, E. Goidts, V. Gregorauskienė, T. Haavisto, A. Hili, P. Ignat, V. Janova, G. Juritsch, M. Karjaste, I. Kisic, J. Klápště, J. Kobza, K. Kruse, J. Kwapisz, M. van Liedekerke, M. Löfroth, A. Louis, R.-M. Madail-Vilão, Z. Marko, L. Martin-Fernandez, M. Marx, H. Matoz, J. Matthews, D. Middleton, C. Molenaar, K. Nowak, B. O’Neill, H. Okholm, D. Ozola, A.-M. Pajukallio, M. Patsalidou, M. J. Pereira, T. Petrova, L. Pires do Rosário, N. Pishmanov, P. Penu, A. Pyl-Kutrzepa, S. Rutkowska, M. Sáňka, B. Sarapatka, K. Schotten, A. Sienkiewicz, H. Sigbert, J. Skates, M.-F. Slak, J. Sobocká, A. Spanischberger, A. Steinberger, P. Straňák, M. Swerts, C. Szilveszter, H. Teija, V. Vassileva, G. Vasiliu-Isac, P. Varelidis, D. Vidojevic., M. Vihovanec-Sabo, F. Wegmann, A. Wintersen.

Technical support in setting up and populating the Wiki: S. Nageswaran, I. Merbold, J. Reali

R. Bodle, K. Hart, and S. Wunder for valuable comments and inputs.

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