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Framework for Judging Market Potential of Information Products

Framework for Judging Market Potential of Information Products

The purpose of the SWITCH-ON Market Analysis Framework (MAF) is to provide developers with guidelines and supplementary resources to support the analysis of new and existing markets for SWITCH-ON products and services. The framework will equip developers with the necessary tools to critically evaluate the potential of identified markets for their products and services and will set the foundations for the development of an appropriate market entry strategy.


O'Rourke, Eleanor (ed.) 2014: Report on framework for judging market potential of information products. Deliverable 3.2, Sharing Water-related Information to Tackle Changes in the Hydrosphere – for Operational Needs (SWITCH-ON).

59 pp.
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Table of Contents

Executive Summary
1 Introduction to the SWITCH-ON Market Analysis Framework
1.1 Purpose
1.2 How to use the framework
1.3 Roles and responsibilities
Part I – Exploration and review of the markets for SWITCH-ON products and services
2 Market Definition
2.1 Definition of the overall market for the SWITCH-ON project
2.2 Definition of sub-markets
3 Market Intelligence
3.1 Exploration of the Market for Water Information Products and Services in the EU
3.1.1 Political Factors
3.1.2 Legal Factors
3.1.3 Economic Factors
3.1.4 Socio-cultural Factors
3.1.5 Technological Factors
3.1.6 Environmental Factors
Part II – Tools for the collection and assessment of target market data
4 Market Segmentation
4.1 Defining the segments
4.2 Selecting target groups
5 Market Analysis
5.1 Secondary research
A note on primary research
5.2 Estimating the potential size of the target market
5.3 Analysing trends and responding to opportunities and threats
5.4 Calculating the market growth rate
5.5 Competition and profitability
Competitor Identification Framework
Competitive Strength Heatmap
Porter’s Five Forces
Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis
5.6 Marketing communication
5.7 Assessment of risks
Ansoff Matrix
Risk Matrix
6 Lessons Learned

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