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The SWITCH-ON Market Analysis Framework

The SWITCH-ON Market Analysis Framework

support to European innovators on commercialising water information products

This policy brief presents the SWITCH-ON toolbox that guides innovators to identify target markets and select a suitable business model consistently. This toolbox, called the Market Analysis Framework (MAF), has been applied by the developers of the 14 SWITCH-ON open data products and services, making it a tested and validated framework. By promoting demand-driven product development, the MAF can help European innovators increase their chances of achieving commercial success, ultimately contributing to the region's smarter, more sustainable, and more inclusive future economy. The SWITCH-ON Policy Brief No.1 is available for download.


Marchiori Pacheco, Larissa; Gerardo Anzaldúa; Hugh McDonald et. al. 2016: The SWITCH-ON Market Analysis Framework: support to European innovators on commercialising water information products. SWITCH-ON Policy Brief No.1.

Larissa Marchiori Pacheco (Ecologic Institute)
Lotta Andersson (Linköping University)
Lorna Little (SMHI)
Jaroslav Mysiak (FEEM)
6 pp.
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Table of Contents

Supporting European innovation to achieve smart, sustainable and inclusive growth
MAF development
MAF activities, goals, and tools
Part I: Defining the market and gathering initial intelligence
Results of the PESTEL analysis: Largely favourable conditions for business development in the EU market for water information products and services
Part II: Tools to segment the market and analyse the segments
MAF results
Key conclusions
Further information
Acknowledgment & disclaimer

Open data, water, global change, application (apps), research, GIS, market analysis, Europe, toolbox