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Results of the BioSTEP Stakeholder Consultation


Janssen, Rainer; Zoritza Kiresiewa; Holger Gerdes 2016: Results of the BioSTEP stakeholder consultation. BioSTEP deliverable 4.1.

Rainer Janssen (WIP)
33 pp.
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Table of Contents

1 Aims and objectives of the stakeholder consultation
2 Overview of the methodology used
2.1 Design of the survey
2.2 Collection and interpretation of results
3 Overview of responses
3.1 Stakeholder groups / types of organisations represented
3.2 Sectors represented and field of activity
3.3 Countries represented
4 Survey results
4.1 SECTION I – Benefits and challenges
4.1.1 Perceived benefits of the bioeconomy
4.1.2 Important challenges of the bioeconomy
4.2 SECTION II – Impacts
4.2.1 Social impacts of the bioeconomy
4.2.2 Environmental impacts of the bioeconomy
4.3 SECTION III – Strategies to address challenges
4.3.1 Ensuring sustainability
4.3.2 Ensuring policy coherence
4.3.3 Improving intra-governmental communication
4.3.4 Promoting a participative dialogue
4.3.5 Sharing best practices
4.3.6 Ensuring appropriate financing
4.3.7 Ensuring appropriate data availability
4.3.8 Ensuring sufficient specialist personnel
5 Key findings
6 Annex: Questionnaire

bioeconomy, bio-based products and processes, participative governance, stakeholder engagement, living labs, surveys, consultations, interviews, questionnaire, Europe