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Sustainable Management of Natural Resources in EU International Development Aid


Sustainable Management of Natural Resources in EU International Development Aid


Ecologic Institute participates in a Framework Contract for Europeaid (2018-2020) for "Sustainable management of Natural Resources and Resilience" in the implementation of external aid. The aim of the Framework Contract is to support and advise European Commission services (Headquarters and EU Delegations) and/or Partner Countries/Organisations along the entire cycle of operations (from design to implementation and evaluation of EU interventions) by providing technical inputs and by assisting in carrying out analysis, studies and providing opinions and advice.

Ecologic Institute offers expertise on a range of topics in particular on:

  • climate change
  • sustainable natural resource management
  • protection of biodiversity and ecosystems
  • water management
  • plastic pollution
  • greenhouse gas emissions
  • green and blue economy
  • ocean governance  
  • disaster risk reduction

The tasks carried out within this Framewok Contract include: 

  • Analytical studies
  • Policy-related analysis and design
  • Technical inputs (e.g. technical annexes for works and supplies)
  • Evaluation of offers; assessment of grant proposals
  • Evaluations (e.g. mid-term, final and ex-post, impact evaluations, including of budget support programmes)
  • Public financial management and domestic revenue mobilisation, including at sector level and at subnational government level
  • Investment financing
  • Capacity development and institutional strengthening
  • Training and research
  • Awareness-raising (incl. information and communication)



Dr. Heidi Stockhaus
Project ID
international development, environment, climate change, resources
policy analysis, evaluations, capacity development, training and research, awareness raising