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Common Agricultural Policy and Water Framework Directive


Common Agricultural Policy and Water Framework Directive

24 March 2006

Based on an initiative of the Grüne Liga e.V. a seminar with the title: On the way towards the "Good status"- Critical aspects of the WFD was held on 24 March 2006. Rainer Müssner from Ecologic gave a presentation about the Common Agricultural Policy of the EU and the Water Framework Directive. The main focus of Müssner's presentation was the linkages between these policy areas and options to create synergies.

During the morning of the one-day event general aspects of the implementation of the WFD have been in the focus of attention. These included the level of current implementation of WFD (procedural as well as juridical implementation) and risk analysis of waterbodies, including the evaluation of water services and uses.

During the afternoon case studies concerning the concrete implementation in Schleswig-Holstein and in different catchment areas have been given.

The presentation of Rainer Müssner can be downloaded [pdf, 1.4 MB, German].

Rainer Müssner
24 March 2006
Berlin, Germany
Agricultural Policy, Cross-compliance, Rural development, Water Framework Directive