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Environmental Policy Integration and Multi-level Governance (EPIGOV)


Environmental Policy Integration and Multi-level Governance (EPIGOV)

Research Program

There is a rapidly growing body of literature analysing and discussing measures to achieve the integration of environmental concerns into other policy areas (environmental policy integration, EPI). The project aims to structure these findings and to identify avenues for future research.

The project focuses on two main themes:

  1. Is it possible to identify modes of governance which are typically used to promote EPI at particular levels, eg. local/regional, national, EU, global? If so, which governance modes are typically used at which levels? And which are most effective or promising?
  2. How do EPI measures at the different levels affect each other and how could governance be improved to increase synergies and minimise negative interaction effects across the levels?

The European Policy Brief on EPIGOV can be downloaded here [pdf, 507 kB, English].


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