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Von unkonventionellen Ideen und spannenden Menschen

Von unkonventionellen Ideen und spannenden Menschen

1st episode of "Knowledge for Future – Der Umweltpodcast"
About unconventional ideas and exciting people

Sustainable management and climate protection policy – these are the topics of the new podcast series "Knowledge for future". We will present people and ideas that set an example in making the economy more sustainable. It will also focus on current developments in climate protection policy. The podcast series is a collaboration between Ecologic Institute and detektor.fm and is presented in this teaser.

Would you like to hear more? All episodes of "Knowledge for Future – The Environment Podcast" can be streamed here.


Ecologic Institut, detektor.fm 2019: Von unkonventionellen Ideen und spannenden Menschen. Knowledge for Future – Der Umwelt-Podcast. Podcast. 15. Juni 2019. Online: https://detektor.fm/wirtschaft/knowledge-for-future-nachhaltig-in-die-zukunft


Concept and Content: Karl Lehmann, Marius Hasenheit, Lisa Meinecke (Ecologic Institute), Wiebke Peters, detektor.fm
Sound: detektor.fm
Speaker: Marie Landes (detektor.fm)

4:34 min
Sustainability, value chain, sustainable management, environmental awareness, role models, best practice, environment podcast,