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Crowdfunding for a Young Aspiring Scientist Working on Health & Climate

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Crowdfunding for a Young Aspiring Scientist Working on Health & Climate

Ecologic Institute's 25 Anniversary Fellow in Health & Climate

Berlin, Germany

Ecologic Institute has launched its first crowdfunding campaign. We aim to bring a young, aspiring scientist to work with us in Berlin on the pressing issues of climate & health. We would be delighted if you were to support our crowdfunding campaign on the occasion of our 25th anniversary. The Stiftung Mercator has generously offered to match every Euro you donate – so each Euro counts double.

Our International Fellowship Program is close to our hearts at Ecologic Institute. Have a look at the inspiring testimonials of past Fellows (see below).

Our work is founded on the importance of science for creating solutions and we are strongly committed to working together across borders. Our Institute has hosted International Fellows since its inception and benefits greatly from their perspectives and research. We, in turn, offer these scientists an opportunity to work with our experienced multi-cultural team on a spectrum of topics that make a tangible difference to our world. This is how the world joins hands to make this world a better place.
Beyond the satisfaction of helping a young scientist in his or her research on climate and health, you give him or her a chance to spend a year at Ecologic Institute in Berlin.

We are offering little treats for donors. Have a look the

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Thanks again to the Stiftung Mercator. They will match the donations until we reach our goal of 25000€ - 1000€ for each of our 25 years.

Please support our crowdfunding campaign!