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Bericht zum Förderaufruf Innovative Klimaschutzprojekte

Cover of the publication "Evaluierung der Nationalen Klimaschutzinitiative. Bericht zum Förderaufruf Innovative Klimaschutzprojekte"

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Bericht zum Förderaufruf Innovative Klimaschutzprojekte

Evaluierung der Nationalen Klimaschutzinitiative


Velten, Eike Karola 2021: Evaluierung der Nationalen Klimaschutzinitiative. Bericht zum Förderaufruf Innovative Klimaschutzprojekte. Ecologic Institute: Berlin.

The funding call for the Innovative Climate Protection Projects is part of the National Climate Protection Initiative (NCI) of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety. Since 2008, the NCI funds climate protection projects throughout Germany, thus contributing to the achievement of the Federal Government's climate protection goals. The innovative climate protection projects impart new or disseminate existing knowledge to change behaviour, purchasing decisions, practices, and processes. To this end, the projects run campaigns or provide direct advice, facilitate knowledge exchange, and help with capacity building and education in the diverse climate-relevant fields of action.

Between 2018 and 2019, 130 projects were funded with almost Euro 224 million. The projects achieved direct reductions of 3.4 million tonnes of CO2; in the evaluation period 2018-2019, the figure was 1.03 million tonnes of CO2, plus significantly higher indirect reductions. In addition, the projects have a high transformation potential: they enable their target groups to question, change and replace dominant structures, established practices, techniques and cultures. At the same time, the projects, most of which are active across the country, unfold their transformation potential by being visible, comprehensible, and connectable to their target group and to imitators.

These and other results are shown by our multi-year evaluation led by the Öko-Institut, which considers the different funding calls of the NCI. The summary report and all single evaluations are available for download in German.

Please, visit the National Climate Initiative's website for further information.

The innovative climate protection projects significantly contribute to the societal transformation with a wide variety of topics and approaches and their energy consumption and emission reductions


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With the support of:
Jan-Erik Thie, Ramiro de la Vega (Ecologic Institute)

Considering the evaluations of:
Benjamin Görlach, Susanne Langsdorf, Michael Schock, Jan-Erik Thie, Katharina Umpfenbach (Ecologic Institute), Dr. Kerstin Tews

Benjamin Görlach (Ecologic Institute)
Katja Schumacher (Öko-Institut)

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National Climate Protection Initiative (NCI), Climate protection projects, evaluation, GHG emission reduction, transformation potential, implementation success, unfolding the transformation potential, employment effects, distribution of funding
Qualitative and quantitative assessment, Impact chain analysis