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Berlin – Bridging Global Divides

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Berlin – Bridging Global Divides

Semester Abroad Program with the CU Denver


After several years of a COVID-19 hiatus, the program "Berlin: Bridging Global Divides" with the University of Colorado Denver has resumed. Nine US-students with diverse disciplinary backgrounds will explore the open and diverse metropolis of Berlin while studying and researching global sustainability challenges, issues of international affairs and politics, and theories of injustice and the resistance against them.

From mid-February to mid-May 2023, the students will take courses in

  • International Relations: War or Peace,
  • Global Ecological Crisis,
  • Dictatorships in the 21st Century, and
  • The Politics of Injustice – Theories, Experiences and Resistance.

The courses are based on in-class interactive and discussion-based formats. However, breaking with the typical lecture-hall format, the students also take part in excursions to study and understand relevant topics by experiencing and learning outside the classroom. During that time, internships provide some students with the opportunity to gain experience in German organizations that work on environmental issues. Moreover, class excursions to Amsterdam and Dessau are part of the program to allow students to get to know other German and European places and with it their current challenges, approaches to solutions, and their history.

Initiated in 2014, the program builds on a long partnership between the Ecologic Institute and the CU Denver (College of Liberal Arts and Sciences).


Marie-Lisa Feller
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sustainability, CU Denver
Germany, Berlin, Denver, Dessau, Amsterdam
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