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Nature – Climate Change – Mental Health: A summary of key linkages

The infographic summarizes the results of the report "The nature – climate change – mental health nexus: A literature review."

© Ecologic Institute 2023, CC BY 4.0


Nature – Climate Change – Mental Health: A summary of key linkages


Ecologic Institute 2023: Nature – climate change – mental health: A summary of key linkages. Infographic CC BY 4.0

The complex interactions between nature, climate change, and mental health are being increasingly explored amid increasing environmental challenges facing society. This infographic summarizes the key findings of the report "The Nature – Climate Change – Mental Health Nexus. A literature review". It visualizes these connections, focusing on (1) how mental health is affected by the effects of a changing climate in Europe, and (2) how green spaces and nature-based solutions can play a role in reducing and treating those negative effects.

The infographic is licensed under a Creative Commons CC-BY 4.0 license, i.e. it may be used and adapted if Ecologic Institute is named as the author.



Concept and content: Maren Haug Gvein and McKenna Davis (Ecologic Institute)
Design: Jennifer Rahn (Ecologic Institute)

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The Nature – Climate Change – Mental Health Nexus
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