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McKenna Davis

McKenna Davis

MSc (Environmental Governance)
BS (Environmental Science and Sociology)
Coordinator International Fellowship Program

McKenna Davis works as a Fellow at Ecologic Institute Berlin and is Coordinator of the institute's International Fellowship Program. Her work focuses on the evaluation and enhancement of European biodiversity and nature protection policies and the links to climate change. Her expertise also extends to green infrastructure, nature-based solutions and ecosystem services. She is further interested in international development cooperation, particularly in relation to the aforementioned topics. McKenna Davis is a native English speaker and speaks fluent German.

She is currently actively involved in Ecologic Institute's work for the European Topic Center on Biological Diversity (ETC BD), focusing on the analysis of the European Nature Directives, as well as assessing the cost effectiveness and future market potential of Green Infrastructure for sustainable urban drainage systems as part of the RECREATE project. She also analyses ecosystem-based approaches to climate change adaptation and mitigation and developed a set of best practice guidelines in these areas. 

In support of the European Green Infrastructure (GI) Strategy and EU Biodiversity Strategy to 2020, McKenna Davis established a typology and database of GI projects and conducted in-depth case studies to assess their design, implementation and associated costs as well as efficiency. Past projects have concentrated on desertification and land degradation issues (LEDDRA), socio-economic aspects of conservation (BioFresh) as well as the social dimensions and opportunity costs of biodiversity policy.

Before coming to Ecologic Institute, McKenna Davis worked on several international wildlife conservation projects, including the German Wildlife Foundation's Wildtierland project and projects aiming to conserve the balkan lynx (Macedonian Ecological Society) and South African vervet monkeys (Vervet Monkey Foundation).

McKenna Davis holds a Master of Science in Environmental Governance from the University of Freiburg (Germany), focusing on wildlife conservation and management. In her master's thesis, she analyzed stakeholder conflicts arising from lynx conservation efforts in Sweden and Switzerland and proposed a model for addressing such conflicts.