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Mission Ocean and Waters Service Portal

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Mission Ocean and Waters Service Portal


European Commission 2023: Mission Ocean and Waters service portal. Online:

The Mission Ocean and Waters service portal is now live and serves as a comprehensive one-stop-shop for stakeholders, offering essential tools, contacts, knowledge, matchmaking, financing, and support for the successful execution of the EU Mission "Restore our ocean and waters by 2030". The service portal ensures access to knowledge for all citizens while extending support and technical assistance to Mission Partners actively involved in the Mission Ocean and Waters implementation.

The Mission Ocean and Waters puts research and innovation, citizen engagement and sustainable blue investments at the service of healthy marine and freshwater ecosystems. The goals of the Mission can only be achieved through active and impact-oriented cooperation between policymakers, the scientific community, citizens, donors and maritime sectors.

The Mission Ocean and Waters service portal is a centralised resource hub, offering a range of critical information and support services, in particular to:

  • Keep track of the Mission's progress toward its objectives.
  • Follow various Mission actions and activities across Mission Lighthouses.
  • Find a space for identifying and facilitating financial and investment opportunities related to the Mission.
  • Access the Mission library to learn about and share innovative solutions for ocean and water restoration.
  • Engage with citizens and stakeholders through outreach, dissemination and Mission events.

You can stay up to date on the Mission Ocean and Waters Service Portal actions by signing up to the Mission Ocean and Waters Newsletter.

The Mission Ocean and Waters service portal also hosts the EU Blue Parks Community. The EU Blue Parks is an initiative under the Mission Ocean and Waters dedicated to science-based solutions for setting and managing marine protected areas in the EU. In a series of workshops, the Community aims to bring together European networks, national and regional authorities and agencies, projects and initiatives in the EU to identify challenges, share tools, solutions and good practices, promote innovative approaches and push forward progress in marine protection in the EU sea-basins.

The Mission Ocean and Waters portal is a platform for all those who are committed to restoring oceans and waters by 2030. It offers information, support, funding, innovation and participation around the mission.


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