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Julia Maund


Julia Maund

MSc (Environment, Culture and Society)

International Fellow


Julia Maund works as an International Fellow at Ecologic Institute. Her research focuses on water policy, which includes marine and coastal topics, as well as on biodiversity and nature-based solutions. Her native language is English, she has basic knowledge of Spanish and is learning German.

At Ecologic Institute, she has supported the project Multi-use Offshore Platforms Demonstrators for Boosting Cost-effective and Eco-friendly Production in Sustainable Marine Activities (UNITED), which shows the viability of multi-use platforms or co-location of different activities in a marine and ocean space. Additionally, she supports the Marine SABRES project, which utilizes social-ecological systems (SES) and Ecosystem-Based Management (EBM) to identify sustainable development pathways toward a resilient blue economy in three Demonstration Areas (Tuscan Archipelago, the Arctic North-East Atlantic and Macaronesia).

Prior to joining Ecologic Institute, Julia Maund supported evaluations of UK and EU environmental policies, with a special interest in marine policies, at a consultancy in London. While in Edinburgh, she worked with a public body to conduct and analyze the results of a survey evaluating the impact of Brexit on the seafood processing industry. Additionally, she interned at an international organization, conducting policy research and contributing to reports covering the sustainable housing sector, nature-based solutions, and transportation policy. Prior to her time in the UK, she worked for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service as a Park Ranger.

Julia Maund earned her master’s degree in Environment, Culture and Society (MSc) from the University of Edinburgh (United Kingdom) and holds a BA from the University of Virginia (United States of America). For her dissertation, she travelled to former salt mines in Europe, examining how decommissioned mines can be transformed and used for alternative, sustainable purposes, such as recreation and tourism.

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